Big Steps, Little Feet (Work In Progress)

Well here we go, the first post.  This is a work in progress as you can see.  I will try to post more in a day or two.
This painting is oil on cotton canvas.  I’ll be starting a second layer soon using Liquin Fine Detail medium.
I am finding it quite hard to photograph the painting and get it looking anywhere near the real colours and detail of the original.
Hope you find this first photo of the painting interesting.  I would love to read any comments you may have (good or bad).


6 thoughts on “Big Steps, Little Feet (Work In Progress)

  1. From what I can see, it's quite good. Why don't you post your artwork in a larger format. Blogger let's you do this. As for the time machine, I hope you got back to the in time for tea.

  2. Hello Elza,How kind of you to post a comment. If you click on the artwork it will resize to fill the entire screen. Although spending too much time looking at my artwork cannot be good for anyones mind…or is that reading my posts??And yes…I always get back for tea – well there was that time I got lost in the Renaissance.I would love to work out how I could visit your site – in fact I'm sure I will.Please do come and visit again sometime – I will have coffee, tea and a large cake waiting.Stew.

  3. You did find me. How perfectly Medieval to go out on a quest. Do not go out time traveling on an empty stomach – you never know what you might have to eat.

  4. Hello Elza,You are right of course, always have a bite to eat. I usually start of with tea and crumpets before venturing of on a time travel adventure. But this morning I had tea and hot cross buns then a hearty bowl of hot Porage which I feel is suitable sustenance for a day at the English Civil War.Must get off but do feel free to stay and help yourself to a hot cross bun or two, I do believe they are still warm.Do please call again soon.StewElasticUnicorn

  5. Hello Claire,Thank you for the message/comments.I have had to put the painting on hold as I have a graphite drawing to finish that I was asked to do. I will try to post a Work In Progress as soon as I can.Please Call Again Sometime.Stew

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