Big Steps, Little Feet (Work In Progress) – Progressing…

Although there is ‘Progressing’ in the title, there was little progress today.  Still, I have got to the point where I will be ready for another layer.


8 thoughts on “Big Steps, Little Feet (Work In Progress) – Progressing…

  1. Welcome to EDM! I don't see anything to be doubtful about! Is that a four leaf clover I see? I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog. Some very interesting commentary in here, along with some fine artwork!

  2. Hello Dan,Thank you for coming along. I was so pleased to read your comment.Of course, straight away, I raced over to your blog. Wow…that drawing you have up is fantastic – I was bowled over by it. I had a quick look at some of your other work which is all amazing.And then…2'nFro which is superb and a brilliant idea. Great artwork from both of you! Crickey, Raena is right below you (on the comments page not in real life…if real life exists – I have my doubts sometimes). Good grief, where was I??? Oh yes – Dan, I love both your blogs, I am going to have to follow both.Thank you for turning up on my comments page.Stew.

  3. Hello Raena,How wonderful of you to come along. I must say I'm grinning so much my cheeks hurt – thank you for your comments.I went on a little visit to your splendid blogs, all totally amazing. Dan and yourself have a fantastic blog going on there with 2'nFro. I am now a dedicated follower of Raena 8-)Please do call again, I will have some iced buns and tea ready. Stew.ElasticUnicorn

  4. Hello Ursula,How marvelous of you to come visit.I'm so happy that you like the painting so far, of course, I have planty of time to mess it up yet.You are the first person to mention the perspective – its why I wanted to paint it in the first place.I've just been doing a little bit of tightening up with the sky from the top left to the center (I'm cursed to never be a loose kind of painter) today.Anyway, thanks for your comments – I'm starting to think I should carry on with this painting lark.Stew.ElasticUnicorn

  5. Hello Cathy,Lovely of you to pass by – do take a seat…that one with the cushions is most comfortable. I have to sit upright most of the time – an old war wound you know (very old actually Mr Bonaparte has a lot to answer for). Time travel is all well and good but you do tend to get into some disagreeable scrapes from time to time.Where the Devil was I…ah yes.I do love to paint a picture that tells a story. When I was having chemotherapy, there was plenty of times I would have loved to have taken pictures and done sketches (not that you have the strength once you have been there a few hours) but felt it too much of an invasion into privacy although there was always some real characters who I am sure would not have minded.Of course, I went on an expedition around the world…wide web and found your delightful blog – such wonderful work. You have quite a fantastic talent I would surely be a fool not to become a follower of such an amazing blog.Thanks again for passing by and listening to such a blithering idiot.Stew.ElasticUnicorn

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