Sketching And Time Machines

Today didn’t go as planned but in a way that was good as I have been doing a lot of sketching.  Sketching is something I really do not do enough of.  Most of the sketches I have been doing are quick throwaway portraits.  I’ve been mostly using charcoal and love the way it makes you draw quick and loose.  I normally use graphite in quite a tight way so this sketching lark is something I really should do more of.
I could have got further ahead with the painting but had to wait for it to dry.

Another thing that is slowing me down is my constant thoughts of time travel.  I did build a time machine out of old toilet rolls, bits from a broken clock, two valve radios (one from the 60’s & one from the 50’s), a rusty spring and a load of paper mache (papier mache if your French).  I made it next year but had to wait till the middle of 1837 before I could test it….you will probably be quite surprised to hear that it didn’t work.  Well I was flabbergasted….think I need more cogs but I only had one clock,  I need more levers, dials and another four buckets of steam…


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