Big Disappointment

Apparently, buying a second-hand calender and turning your watch back is ‘not’ time travel…you know, some people just do not like to see others succeed.

Not been too well today so not felt like painting.  Still, I did have chance to find a few of the blogs you people at Every Day Matters.  There is some really talented people out there.  Here are a few…

Oh well, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow – in fact, I’m sure I will.



4 thoughts on “Big Disappointment

  1. I just took a spin through your blog. Your painting is wonderful! You did such a good job with the stones, and I love the subject! She's really cute – I can't wait to see it finished. Hope you feel better soon. nancy

  2. Hello Nancy,First of all, let me offer my grandest congratulations on your soon to arrive grand-baby (did I spell that right?) Would you believe I am kind of in a same situation?You took a spin through my blog and my head took a spin at your comments.Your blog is wonderful – you have such talent and in so many different fields. Amazing!I must admit, I ate all the cake but I'll be sure to have some in when you next pass by.Stew.ElasticUnicorn.

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