Time Travel Cracked At Last!

At last…I think I may have cracked it.!
Time Travel…to the future…I knew I would do it eventually.

I’ve built a machine just big enough for one person (male or female – designed to take either gender as I am a progressive thinker). All you need to take with you is a mobile phone available in two hundred years time – approximately…Oops, sorry – available NOW, at any good Telephonic Device Retailers – I thought I was still in 1811 trying to help the Luddites (of course, I changed my name to Ned Ludd – `twas a good name to choose for the times but it did get me into a spot of bother).
The ironic thing was, when I returned to present time I was exhausted so I sat down on the chair where I had left my new laptop…crunch…Luddites 1 – Modem Technology 0.

Instructions Time Machine for the use of…

It is advisable to take a sturdy (but comfortable) chair with you for the debilitated, vulnerable, weak, feeble, fragile as time travel is not for the faint of heart. Climb into the machine as best you can and sit down on the chair previously placed there (not forgetting your newly acquired mobile phone).
Close the door and make sure you are sitting securely.
At this point, if your phone has a stopwatch facility, set it for 5 minutes and 58 seconds (if your phone does not have a stopwatch just keep a close eye on the clock on your phone). If you are a person who is prone to falling asleep when sitting in a time machine for periods of longer than a few seconds and your phone does not have a stopwatch, you could try using the alarm which is a common feature on many contemporary phones these days.
Once you have been inside the time machine for the exact time of 5 minutes and 58 seconds, clamber out as best you can.
The very next thing to do is check the time…You will be amazed to find that you have been transported to a world precisely 6 minutes into the future.
Immediately turn your transportable telephone instrumentation to face your good self and take a photograph of you in the future.

To return back in time I would suggest a trip to my birthplace the county of Yorkshire England.

Yesterday, I read an amazingly good article about blogging by Elza –
Hopefully that should take you right to the said article. But if not you could always try…
Then look for the article manually.

Some of the tips were…
Make it clear in a post what it’s about.
Don’t upload a mixed bag of things. The reader soon moves on if it gets confusing.
Rambling doesn’t work well either.
Don’t make your blogs too long.
….and know when to stop.

I think you will agree with me when I say I have taken all that advice on-board.


5 thoughts on “Time Travel Cracked At Last!

  1. Ahh…Dan my good fellow.I am in England – not quite sure where Awe is but it sounds Scottish to me. There used to be a chap lived next door to me who came from Scotland – he wore a skirt and played a strange (musical?) instrument…said 'Hoots' a lot.Oooh…I have a headache…Thanks for paying a visit Dan, you're a gent.Stew.ElasticUnicorn.

  2. Hello Cathy,The future…well I've been there and it didn't seem as different as I had hoped really. I was expecting Jet packs, Teleportation devices, X-ray specs…you know the kind of things but alas no. Still, it was only 6 minutes into the future. On the other hand, it is the 21st century…so disappointing.Maybe I should try 10 minutes next time.Stew.ElasticUnicorn.

  3. Just collecting my phone, and debating with myself (that can be achieved better with a split personality, unfortunately I am just talking to nobody) how to get inside this wicked contraption… Wow I made it there and back in no time at all 🙂 lol

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