Stag A Work In Progress

I thought I would post this Work In Progress.  As you can see, it is a drawing of a stag.  When it is finished it will be in a landscape format rather than portrait.  But because I’m trying a different way of working with graphite (more on that later), I only have half a page with anything on so I have cropped it down a bit.  I have to admit, I just can’t seem to ever get a decent scan or photograph of any of my artwork – Where Does All The Detail And Colour Go?  Just what is the secret?  Maybe I should buy a real camera rather than use the device I use – a cardboard box, some tracing paper, a bit of masking tape and a pin-hole.
Anyway, as I said earlier (told you so in those brackets up there ^…), I thought I would try working in a different way.  When working with graphite, no matter what I do, I never seem to avoid smudging – I did try hanging from the ceiling once but that was a mission impossible.
I had a thought…
‘Maybe I should have an idea!’
So I did – I had an idea.
You know, I should start top left and work my way across the paper instead of gradually building up the drawing across the whole paper.  Could I keep the whole thing even?  Would it work?  Could it work?
The answer is…I don’t know – but I might be able to tell you soon or rather – maybe you could tell me….soon.

At any rate, it is this drawing that is holding up my painting (well, that and the fact that I’m really  s  l  o  w).  Even worse than this is the reality of another half-finished drawing that I hid from myself (but stupid me went and told myself where I had hid it – ‘its in your sketchbook’ so now I have to finish it).


21 thoughts on “Stag A Work In Progress

  1. Stew,I like your stag so far – very impressive. And I like your idea of working your way across the page. I don't see any problem with it so far.I also like the humor of your prose.xoxo

  2. Hiya Stew, love the stag and the idea that you have idea's and that they seem to be working. I often find when I'm posting pencil sketches that they are very feint, so I use "auto contrast"in Picassa and that seems to do the job.

  3. What you've done so far is really good, I like the foliage. I put a sheet of tracing paper over parts I've already worked to stop smudging.I think that graphite is hard to photograph even with a really good camera like yours!

  4. Hello Betty,Thank you for the nice comments and the fact that you took the trouble to come to see my site. And the amazing thing is that I live on a little island called Portland which is in Dorset, England – so such a virtual long way to come for tea.Whereabouts in the world do you live BettyFromTexas?Seriously though thanks for calling round Betty. Do you have a website/blog at all?Stew.

  5. Hello Phil,Really great to see you here.Using "auto contrast"in Picassa sounds like a good idea – I do have Picassa somewhere…Mmm…now where abouts did I leave it? I wonder if it was that thing Cathy Holtom sat on when she came round for tea, cake and a peek at my stag. My fault for leaving it under a cushion.Stew.

  6. Hello Cathy,Such a surprise when you called round for tea, cake and a peek at my stag. Must have been an even bigger shock when you sat on that cushion – I must remember to put my ear trumpet away when I'm not using it (not that I wasn't listening to you of course – you have a crystal clear voice). Do you know that I thought it was Picassa (silly old me…that is some strange magic software device).About the photograph – maybe I should use a real camera, what do you think? Well thank you for coming – the door is always open so do please come again Cathy.StewWhoWishedHeCameFromTexas

  7. Hello Phil,Well I think I have found Picassa (although I am less sure of my spelling). That thing under the cushion was my ear trumpet (special instrumentation to aid me in my hearing).Old Stew.

  8. Very nice, I love the detail and the idea of working from one side to the other. I'm quite messy with graphite but that idea might work for me. To answer your question about blind contour, that is exactly what it is. Looking at the object with out looking at your paper. My son (who is autistic) takes it one step further and looks at the object then closes his eyes and draws it.

  9. Hello Florence,Wow, the idea of looking at the object then closing your eyes and drawing it is something I've thought about then instantly thought I could never do.Thank you for calling round Florence, it was lovely seeing (well ok, reading) you. Please do come again.Stew.

  10. Your commentary cracks me up. It is so unexpected and creative! And the drawing, well, let's say it is even better! As for smudging, being left-handed, I've always started from the right and worked left or used a piece of paper to cover the work, making sure not to let it slide around. And lastly, I've always had problems getting good scans of graphite drawings. The graphite is reflective and throws everything off!

  11. Graphite is so hard to photograph accurately. I gave up some years ago and hired a professional photographer to do it =)Really nice drawing! I too struggle with smudges (or dragging my sleeve through paint and ruining the whole canvas). I tend to work from one corner to the other, and either let paint dry, or occasionally add some fixative to drawings.

  12. Hello Raena,How nice to see you here.I'm going to have a toddle over to 2'nFro in a mo…hang on, that rhymes (kinda)…(sort of).I wonder if you have started another picture, if so I can't wait to see it evolve.Thank you for your message.Stew.

  13. Hello Jenna,Thank you for calling round. I went and had a look at your site but couldn't find your blog (assuming you have one…lol). Fantastic paintings and drawings. I love your style. Beautiful stuff. I love this blogging lark – I end up finding the best art you could possibly

  14. Yes Tick I have a blog but seldom use it now that with EDM I use flickr it sits sadly forlorn but niot forgotten by well there must be at least two or three old viewers that must wonder if I just up and quit the whole art business. Sure didn't—it's my life and I love it. It would seen to know you is to enjoy good company. …Winna (please correct my spelling for me.. where ever needed, thank you )—see site address

  15. Hello Winna,Just been to WinnasWorld – such fantastic work. Your drawings/paintings of Ireland and the book as a whole are superb. I'm going back so I can click on the Follow button.Stew.

  16. Hi, your stag looks amazing so far. I used to work exclusively in graphite for many years, and I did start at the top left and work down, to avoid smudging, and I did also put a clean sheet of paper under my hand as well. When it got dirty I'd replace it with a clean one.I don't do much graphite anymore, but I think I have a few on my website… paint now, and its so much more fulfilling to me because it's just plain faster!Love your work,Cheers!Tahirih

  17. Hello Tahirih,Thank you for coming round for tea (or was it coffee – silly me, I forget too easily these days). Hope you liked the cake.I went for what I thought was going to be a short stroll to your website but ended up staying for a lovely holiday. Beautiful paintings and drawings.The strangest thing was your Artist's Statement which could have been mine, almost word for word.I cannot make my mind up which section I like the best but portraits and figurative does have some Jaw Dropping work – I was Flabbergasted (I don't think my gast has ever been so flabbered). The illustration section would go down well at some of the pagan camps and festivals in England (you even have a watercolour of Stonehenge).Another strange thing…I have a drawing half finished (got other things that people have asked me to do but will be finishing soon hopefully), using the same photograph used for 'Despair' from MorgueFile I think.Anyway, I will call round again very soon – I'll try to bring a carrot cake or maybe some iced buns.Stew.

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