Is It Me Or Has The World Gone Mad (kind of)

I was reading Pamo’s blog – – just a few seconds ago.  And I am quite surprised just how many people are feeling either strange, down or sort of out of it – if you know what I mean.  I was at a pagan circle on Sunday, a ceremony to celebrate Spring Equinox which usually is an uplifting affair.  But even though it was a lovely sunny spring day I was feeling unusually Out of Sorts, not really down (I won’t let myself get down after the crazy last few years I’ve had).  The thing is there was others who felt the same lull.  And of course, all over the Internet on blogs, websites and forums there seems to be others feeling just the same.
What with Japan, Libya, Leeds United losing 2-0 to Sheffield United and of course….the…gulp…The Big, Big Full Moon – maybe, in some way it is to be expected.

All this means, I haven’t been able concentrate at all, my mind just hasn’t been there (I know…it never is quite in this world but I’ve been worse these last few days).  Tomorrow I just HAVE to get back to the stag I’m drawing.  It’s not been this way because I don’t want to…I Love Drawing and I’ve promised to have the stag ready for auction but my mind just can’t focus.

What I have been doing (as I MUST draw) is quick (a few seconds) sketches where I don’t have to focus for too long.  For these sketches I used a cheap drawing tablet (Wacom) that I bought a few years ago but never really used.  Not sure if these things a designed for sketching but it does work.

One thing with a graphics tablet is that you can draw LOADS of quick throw-away sketches without wasting paper.  It is quite funny drawing in one place and your drawing appearing in another place (the wonders of modern technology eh Cathy?).  I wouldn’t normally keep this kind of thing and as you can see, I’m not much of a sketcher.  I was trying to see what I could do with just a few lines in even less seconds.  It has made me realise that I REALLY need to practice sketching – I can’t remember the last time I did it.

The first few pictures were 30 & 60 second sketches.  So I thought I’d try a few minutes and did this man above.  I am now thinking there is more to this using a graphics tablet lark than I thought…back to good old paper & pencil for me I think.

Now what can I think of to put off drawing tomorrow…
Ah yes…the empty washing up liquid bottles I use on my time machine need adjusting.  It also needs more dials and levers.

Oh, by the way…the title of this post…Mmmm….its me isn’t it?  Go on, you can tell me – I can take it.


15 thoughts on “Is It Me Or Has The World Gone Mad (kind of)

  1. I'm quite impressed with your tablet sketches. I love my Wacom, but mostly just use it for Photoshopping. I've tried sketching, but I suck at it.Yours are really quite good.And by the way – one of my favorite sayings is: Don't get mad, get even.grrrxoxo

  2. Definately you, we're all fine here!I've never heard of a Wacom (thought it was some cheap paper you'd bought) but your sketches look great, did you use Pose Maniacs for references?

  3. These are all great sketches, especially given the short time…I wish I had a graphic tablet! And OMG, yes, the world's gone mad, or me, or the full moon or something…What a crazy stupid day I had. I spent three hours on a 2.5 x 3.5 art card ( I usually spend 45 minutes) and it's crap! Not even saleable, so that means more time…grrrr…full moon go away, lol!PS: Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog, and Yes, I think the Busketeers did do a great version of Paint it Black…Cheers!

  4. Yes, it's you. Totally and completely. Just kidding. No, I think things have been especially crazy lately. So many people I know are in a funk. It's weird. I keep shaking mine off only to have it attack and overwhelm me again a few hours later. Your sketches are amazing! And you say you're not much of a sketcher! I think your sketches are just fantastic. So there. :PBelated, Blessed Ostara!

  5. I do a lot of sketching but always use my trusty old pencil and paper, I just can't get used to my Wacom tablet.Your sketches look really good, I would like to see more please 🙂

  6. Hey, nothing wrong with these for a first (or even fourth) try! You wouldn't expect to play violin perfectly first time out the door, even if you were great on a ukelele, right? I'm assuming you are using a pen tool not a mouse, but you didn't say. At any rate, no, they aren't perfect sketches but they're quite decent and one can really turn out superb stuff with the WAcom tablet once you get used to it. Try some more!

  7. I was so intrigued by your EDM email that I had to check out your blog to find out what a graphics tablet even is. I'll probably stay with pencil and paper for awhile, but this does look like fun and you got the gesture thing down really well. As far as the title goes…it applies to most people these days.

  8. I'd like to say it's you, but I think it is the world. And you are a sketcher! Pleeeez. No question. I think these are very good drawings, esp. given the time limit, and that you were using voodoo technology. Of course you're used to that. Now adjust those bottles!

  9. I do love sketching with my wacom. I think the fact that it isn't permanent is freeing. I can doodle and erase all evidence of poorly done sketches! Out of sorts, most definitely! I've been feeling it for about two to three months now. Can't lay a finger on it, since I know I'm happy. There is just a tinge of sadness that goes along with it, at all the madness in the world.

  10. Oh yes, I think the sketches are very well done! You have to remember what type of sketches they are–very fast!–before making any harsh judgments!

  11. Hello Everyone,Sorry I've not been able to reply but I have been ill again. The Wacom I used was a Bamboo – the cheapest they do I think and yes, it does use a pen rather than the mouse.It's a graphics tablet with a pen rather than a mouse Phil.Yes, I used Cathy.Tahirih, I do not believe you have ever done anything that could be described as crap – I've been to your site and everything is fantastic. Raena, you are right about the tablet, you can just delete and carry on. I should have deleted these but I thought I would show people my first quick sketches with it (even though it is voodoo Dan).Thank you everyone for your great comments.Stew.

  12. I think the sketches are great, really. I thought you only time-traveled – didn't know you sketched. 30 second sketches ain't easy, and Santa is looking good.Re the out-of-sort feeling, I know just what you mean. I have been there this week too.

  13. Uh oh. It's me! I didn't know I'd commented before!! I'd forgotten! I was reading your reply comment to all the folks and then your comment was addressed to me. Then I looked back and saw my comment! [Insert Twilight Zone theme here]. It must be me that's mad.(Sorry for the 3 comments).

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