The Stag Drawing Is Finished

At last, I finished the stag drawing.  I had a lot of time off what with illness and going up to Yorkshire for a while.  Now I can get back to the painting.

15 thoughts on “The Stag Drawing Is Finished

  1. Hello Everyone,Sorry for not replying – just seem to have one bad day after another.Thank you, all of you for your wonderful comments – I'm chuffed to bits (not sure if thats a Yorkshire/Northern thing or all over the UK but I guess not world-wide).Veronika – Cheers Love.Cathy – Guess I'll be getting back to the painting I posted ages ago. Thanks Cathy.Ursula – Thank you and I know what you mean.Phil – What more can you say? Err…how about 't'?Oh…you did…Brillian…lol. Thanks Phil. Patsy – Thank you. I 'value' your opinion.Dan – Thanks mate. That background sent me bonkers…ok…even more bonkers.Sandra – Thank you. And yes, its good to feel better.Thank you all 8-)Stew.

  2. Hello Nancy,Thank you for your wonderful comment. I was feeling a little down today but you have cheered me up no end. I might just go eat a bit of chocolate egg to celebrate.Thanks again

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