End Of The World

Hang on….
It’s past half past six!  Wasn’t the world going to end at six o’clock?  I mean, I had socks without holes and clean underwear on and everything…most disappointing.

Oh wait!!!

I bet it’s 6:00pm American time.
Right…time for a cup of tea.


7 thoughts on “End Of The World

  1. Hello Cathy,Yes, I'm sure there will be another time. They seem to crop up quite frequently.I was all ready for it – washed my hair and everything. It wasn't until my third custard cream (oh, and a bourbon) with a lovely cup of tea that I thought…Hang on, it should have happened by now.All in all then – a bit of a let down.Still I'm glad really or I wouldn't have seen your latest drawing/painting – the flowers by the window…fantastic Cathy. And the leaning gate…wow. I did a painting once of a leaning gate (although it wasn't meant to lean)…I wonder if I have a wonky eye.Stew

  2. Aw shoot, you've already time-traveled to the future, haven't you? So you should have known it was all a crock! Clean underwear?! Washed your hair?! You are a disgrace to real men everywhere.

  3. Hello Dan Old Chap,Yes, I admit it, I am a disgrace but have you seen my hair? It would take three or four days to wash it so I just pretended (what a disgrace). And the underwear…well, they were as clean as I could get them (after sandblasting).Back to the custard creams I think (might even have a chocolate digestive).Stew

  4. Alex Dear Boy,Yes Fun indeed – if you like that kind of thing. I must admit to being rather partial to a bit of fun now and then. Reminds me of when I was a boy back in the early 1800's (well around that time I think).Stew.

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