Painting Progress (or lack of)

Do you ever feel like your wading through mud…?  Ok, oil paint.
Three steps forward, one step back.  I think I spend more time either ill or tired than painting.  Just realised that the wet paint in the bottom right corner is glinting back at the camera…oh well, sorry about that – I am really good at messing up my photographs.
As you can see, very little progress on this painting but I thought I would post anyway in a Devil May Care kind of way.
As my old boss used to say ‘I admire you, the fact that you wear dandy outfits and turn up to work on a horse…thats the kind of cavalier attitude we need round here.


5 thoughts on “Painting Progress (or lack of)

  1. Hi Stew, sorry to hear you are feeling so shitty, I hope you find the energy to finish this painting, by the way, when you first posted it , I thought it WAS finished, it was so good. I look forward to seing more of it , I think its amazing and as I said before , I truly wish I had your talent!

  2. Progress is progress. Moving forward at whatever pace is a good thing. This is a beautiful piece. I have a few works-in-progress that are not nearly as good and that have been sitting for a long time unfinished for reasons not nearly as good as yours. So hang in there – be proud of what you have done, and do what you can when you can. Then, one day, it will be finished and you may have surprised yourself. (Or take your time machine, snatch the finished piece and take it back with you!) I am sending well wishes and what little energy across the big pond. You should receive it soon.

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