This is the first digital painting I have done. It is of course, based on the Medusa story.
I do not own Photoshop nor Painter…etc but have longed to have a go for ages. The very idea of not having to clean brushes, put up with strange chemical smells, waiting for the canvas to dry and not having to pick flies and bugs out of the paint sounds like a dream. Anyway, I found GIMP the free art package and got a cheap graphics tablet (a second-hand Wacom Bamboo).
Thank you to one of my favorite artist/photographer/writers UKTara at [link] I used one of her stock photos as reference while drawing the background. Thank you so much Tara.


11 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. Nice one! I used gimp too and it's fun. I sure miss the tablet which I had to give away because I had to move and couldn't bring it along… sob sob

  2. Hello Phil,It's worth a go seeing as the GIMP software is free. Mind you there is a learning curve (I'm still learning every time I use it).You can pick up a cheap Bamboo (not sure what the newer ones are like but I'm guessing if anything they are better than the old one I have). I would really like a Wacom Intuos but that is unlikely to happen any time soon…lol.Stew.

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