Fight Sketch

This is the beginnings of my new Painting With Numbers or Digital Painting.

I used the Wacom Bamboo and GIMP.

The Old Bamboo.  The Old Bamboo…tum ti tum…!

And the drawing after a tiny little change and clean up.

Now I just have to colour it all in without going over the lines.  I’ll just get my wax crayons out….oh no – they have melted on the windowsill.  Looks like I’m going back to GIMP.


4 thoughts on “Fight Sketch

  1. Stew – I like the new space. I can’t really make out the pictures though very well. I first looked on my cell phone (that is smarter than me). When I couldn’t see them I waited to get to my desktop. The first picture, though faint – I see the folks fighting in a snowstorm (ok I made that last part up). The second I couldn’t see at all, but then I could see the warriers but it was a blizzard now – much fainter. Aw well. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Hello Dan, Good to see (well OK, read) you here.
    Crikey, I see (or don’t) what you mean. There was a drawing on both those photos when I uploaded them…lol. Maybe I should just change the title to Snowstorm Fight and pretend I meant it to look like that.
    Smart Phones are scary aren’t they? I mean, just how smart are they? What do they know? I saw a headline in a newspaper that said ‘Smart Phones Are Taking Over’…I always thought it would be aliens…or paranoid androids (once only on Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and the next thing you know Radiohead are singing about em …).
    What was I typing about…? Oh yes, drawings or lack of. Not sure if I should just take them down or not.
    I am trying to get blogger sorted out but guess what…? I quite like it here on WordPress. Nothing seems to be going wrong so far – fingers crossed (makes for difficult typing). Not sure how I would let people know I am here but then again, does anyone ever read what I type anyway?

  3. How very, very strange. I have just been looking at your “Bikinis” painting (which is marvelous).
    I come back here and there is a comment by the very same artist.
    You could hardly see ‘less’ could you? I have no idea why this has turned out so faint.
    Thank you so much Katherine (I must work out this Following lark – I had it a worked out on Blogger ( but not sure how it all ties in with WordPress).

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