Work In (slight) Progress

As Rolf Harris would say ‘Can ya tell what it is yet?’

Although I do fear you may never be able to work it out (I’m not sure myself).  As usual, I am a very slow worker.  With Firefox, if you click on the image it goes all dotty and scrappy (both very technical terms).  If you click again it goes even bigger but clearer (although the pencil then looks like black ink and the colours seem strange).  I guess it is best seen as is, without enlarging.  As you can see, this is me working more loosely/painterly…ha ha.  Maybe not.  It was going to be an oil painting then I was going to use coloured pencils and/or water colour (as you can see, decisions are not my big thing…I think).  In the end I thought ‘why not have another bash at digital painting?  I was going to call it digital art but is it art?

I had a dream last night that ice cream was good for you.  It helped people with cancer.  Also, it killed 99% of all known germs (leaving the one nasty germ that no one talks about).  Made me think about ‘good’ bacteria (the ones they cram into those little bottles of yogurt.  Germs that are good for you.  I think I will carry on thinking that ice cream is good for you – I like the idea.  I remember when I was in hospital, I was given ice cream and the next day one of the tumors was gone.  Of course, one of the nurses went and spoilt it all by telling me it wasn’t the ice cream, it was the six-hour operation I had just had…A simple mistake, I think you’ll agree.  But I do believe ice cream (and chocolate) ‘may’ have medicinal properties.  Does the word ‘believe’ mean the same as ‘wish’?


13 thoughts on “Work In (slight) Progress

  1. I can see that it’s two men fighting, the lower one will probably win because he has a sword and shield?
    We have the best ice-cream….sette veli… layers of different chocolates, resist that if you can!

  2. Lovely. You are painting this digitally? Are you using Gimp like you mentioned on the EDM group? I just can’t seem to get that kind of control…but I’m playing, having fun, and learning.

    The fight scene is really coming along….slow but sure wins the race, right?

    I completely agree that ice cream heals. Since I had my last relapse, in late May, I’ve been eating chocolate ice cream like crazy. I swear when my husband asks me what I want to eat, that’s all I can think of. I’m trying to limit myself now. 1/2 cup per day….it worked yesterday. 1 day…good record…100%!

    Thank you for the complements on my note on the EDM group.

    (sorry if I made you feel like you had indigestion….nope, just me…lurking in the shadows….Or perhaps it was a little too much ice cream? not enough?)

    I’m sorry to hear about your battle. I hope you continue to recover. (I am a cancer survivor. Bone Cancer, removed at age 15. No sign of it for 33 years now!)
    Good luck to you, looking forward to seeing the rest of the fight scene.

  3. I think it looks great. The ear is phenomenal, and all the shading is just right. I would be very proud of this face. And (once upon a time) I would then be so afraid to make another mark that it would sit for months – good thing it’s digital.

    Now to the important subject. I heard a crone on the radio the other day proclaiming “sugar is poison, sugar is poison, sugar is poison.” Now I can’t bite into a cake (as I did today) without thinking of the old witch. On the day that what we love to eat the most is good for us, we will be dead and in heaven.

  4. Clare – Thank you for coming. You know what? I have no idea who it is so I guess he/they could be whoever you would like them to be (a bit like myself, I’m whoever you want me to be). Ice cream suits me too but I rarely wear it…too cold.

    Cathy – My word…I can’t even resist plain old vanilla. You could be right about the bloke with the sword but the other guy has a borrowed magicians wand (the magician is also a giant) that can turn swords into custard and shields into Angel Delight (butterscotch) . Just a shame he doesn’t know the magic word (which is…cheesecake).

    Wendy – 1/2 a cup is wonderful…a cup is the same as a bucket right? Congratulations on your 100% record 🙂
    Even better news about the bone cancer 🙂 <—-looks the same but its actually a bigger smile just viewed from far away.
    It is getting drawn on GIMP – I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

    Dan – Thank you for the ear comment. To be honest, there is a good chance I won't touch it for a good few weeks now while I pluck up courage to carry on (and spoil it…lol).
    Ever since the cancer I've thought…'what the hell….' and eaten it…as long as it's nice (although I do not recommend this for most people…it's ok for me to do it as I'm clinically daft).

    Ann – It is magic…honest!

    Thank you all for coming along to this silly site. I am so happy you came, read and commented.


  5. Oops, lost my 100% record…had much more than 1/2 cup yesterday and today….but not quite a bucket full yet….this week anyway.
    You are accomplishing things on in the digital format that I can only dream of. The Medusa! Oh my goodness…how powerful. I love it! (my darling husband said it scares the crap out of him…and shivered…I think that’s a compliment.)

    see you soon

    1. Hello Wendy,
      Congratulations on having more than 100% ice cream…I’m proud of you 🙂
      Tell your husband I’m sorry but I do understand…I couldn’t look at it whilst drawing it….too scary. I had to paint it blindfolded. In fact, the first time I saw it was when I uploaded it here!
      Anyway, thanks for the shivering compliment. I can’t stop smiling…think I’ll have a cup of tea and a biscuit.
      Please call again…I will get a cake in (oooh…and some ice cream).

  6. Thanks for your comments too, and yeah that profile picture of mine, it was taken when I was four. I assure you that if I am old enough to be doing 120mph on Autobahn(actually 120mph isn’t considered that quick there anyway), I am old enough to drive that little Elantra which I think will struggle pretty hard to hit 120mph mark. ^^

  7. Wow, I clicked and double clicked, and thought Wow! What an awesome project.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on EDM.
    I think believing is everything, my daughter is a cancer survivor and this was her theory anyway, so yes, icecream is a goodie.
    Sending you healing wishes.

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      Sorry for the late reply, been a little bit under the weather.
      So to hear about your daughter. Both you and your daughter are right…believing IS everything.
      Well that and ice cream 🙂
      Thank you for the healing wishes – I could feel them, I just didn’t know where they were coming from until I read this comment.
      Love & Light.

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