Work In A Bit More Progress

Not been feeling too well but I have managed to get a little bit more done.  Should be finished by the end of the millennium.


25 thoughts on “Work In A Bit More Progress

  1. It’s bloody amazing – is what it is. My god – what detail – that chain mail – can’t wait to see that filled in. You know, now that Harry Potter is over, this gives me something to live for, seeing this completed – another millenium, yup, that’s long enough. Feel better.

  2. Hello Katherine,
    Thank you for your nice comments.
    I believe that I am getting to the stage where I will suddenly mess everything up.
    Of course ice cream does work – it’s magical properties heals and helps to place Brush/Pencil/Little Stick Thing (stylus pen?) in just the right place. But I am having a hard time convincing my other half as money has been VERY short since my illness. Somehow, I think I am going to have a hard time trying to convince her that a Wacom Intuos4 is a must have!
    ….Still, I can try eh…*wink*…?

  3. Dan my good fellow. How nice to see you once again.
    I am overwhelmed by your comments – thank you SO much.
    You know that chain mail…? I am thinking that is where the start of the messing up begins…lol. And if that is the only thing that goes wrong I will be amazed! Anyway, you could be waiting a while to see the chain mail finished. But then again – I am living proof that miracles can happen (not that I am a miracle, you understand).
    You put ‘Feel better’ at the end of your message – so I had a think about that and decided ‘Good idea’ (at least something happened as I feel a little better today).
    Thanks for calling round Dan.

  4. Hello Raena,
    What a wonderful surprise. I am so glad you called round to see me.
    Why, it must have been about February since I last heard from you.
    Then you produce some wonderful sketches. The first figure is marvelous, such movement. I like sketching in ballpoint (not that I am any good at sketching…lol). Never used ballpoint with watercolour – does the ballpoint run? I have been thinking that I really should make my self sketch a bit more. Been thinking about pen and ink (mainly due to you and Dan’s work). But I have no idea which ink/pen to use as I want to use a little watercolour and do not want the ink to run. Years ago (and I mean Years) I had a really simple dip pen but can’t remember what ink I used. Not even sure where I would get one of those pens in the UK.
    Your second figure is also fantastic and I don’t think her right arm is anywhere near as bad as you think. Great foreshortening, which is never easy…never.
    Oh, I could go on…and on. But I must say, your giraffes are beautiful, just beautiful. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals. I always wanted one as a pet…lol….still do.
    I have now got you and Dan and a few others on my list that I follow via WordPress. Does WordPress let you know I’m following you? Just wondered.

    One more thing Raena and Dan – are you still doing 2-n-fro? Well I guess I can find out by having a little trip out there and looking for myself.
    Thank you for coming round for a chat Raena.

    1. Hey Stew – I see you’ve changed your name. I will call you Corny (affectionately).

      Re Pens for use with watercolor – it is so easy to overcomplicate this – there are many very inexpensive pens that are waterproof. You can go to the art store, and I am sure they will guide you. One that is about $2 US is the Pigma Micron – cheap – it comes in varying thicknesses and many colors. There are others that escape me at the moment. Raena turned me on to a ballpoint that has a very thin point (which I like), called the SKB SB-1000 (I actually have the SKB SB-2000 because they ran out of the other – same insides.) It has to be ordered online though.

      Re fountain pens – you are closer to the source than I am for a very inexpensive fountain pen that is great. It is a German pen that apparently the school kids use there. It is the Lamy Safari. I use the fine point. The ink is trickier. When you get the Lamy, it will come filled with ink that is not waterproof. You need to dump that and replace it with waterproof ink. There is info online about how to do this. They also sell a converter that they say is easier for other inks, but I never bought it and have never needed it.

      I have been following Nina Johansson’s blog forever. She is the one that recommended this pen and the ink I use in it. She is in Sweden so if she can get it, I suspect you can. It is Noodlers Ink. I have used bulletproof black and lexington gray. She loves fountain pens and has had many posts about different pens and inks she has tried. She is always experimenting with pens and ink – I recommend you visit her blog if this info isn’t enough for you. If you haven’t been there, you are in for a treat – she is brilliant.

      Re 2’n fro – now that Raena has ARISEN I am trying to think of something to put in the book, so I can send it to her. So the Blog will go on..


      Oh, and btw, WordPress tells me nothing. FIne with me. 🙂

  5. Hi Corny, this is coming on great, I like the hair…is is a self portrait?
    You can get a Lamy Safari on Amazon cheap, the Noodlers ink is harder to come by in Europe but it works well with this pen. I tried some Italian ink and it kept clogging up. I fill the cartridge with ink from a syringe, the convertor was a waste of time.

  6. Crickey, it’s Cathy!
    Hello Cathy. Oh my…Corny…lol. Dr Cornelius Snorter was a blog I was going to start writing which was going to be just the teensiest (is that spelt correctly? Is it a word? Is correctly spelt correctly?) weensiest (is that s…oh, who cares?) little bit silly – just a bit. I had this mad idea which I was going to do but…well I wasn’t well enough to keep up (or at least I guessed I wouldn’t). So it’s sort of on the shelf for now.
    Not a self portrait but I do have long hair, probably longer.
    I am so glad you commented, been thinking a lot about sketching in ink lately. Sounds like Dan’s advice is the way to go (when, well if I ever have some money). I love the way you Dan and Raena use pen and ink. Is Noodlers ink waterproof? I was thinking of some kind of brown ink but maybe I would be better off with a straight black.
    By the way Cathy, how’s the sketchbook coming along ‘Secret Places’? I would love to see it all when it is finished.
    Thank you for popping round Cathy, hope you liked the tea and cake.

  7. Stew – thanks for stopping by the blog. I am curious about how you’re doing this detailed work – I’m guessing you scan the pencil sketch in as a background layer and then paint digitally over the top? I have had a go at this (but nowhere near the level of detail you’re working at) and can only imagine you are painting with a digital brush equivalent to about a single hair for some parts?

    Brilliant stuff, and very inspiring.

  8. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, have you been eating enough ice cream?

    The work in progress is amazing! The detail, the depth…I’m blown away.

    I recently realized, that I get way too impatient when I’m trying to work digitally. I can get lost in a drawing or painting and work and work on it for hours…days…weeks…you get the idea. But for some reason when i try to work digitally I think it should go faster, I want more instant gratification, and get so aggravated when I don’t get it right.

    You are teaching me to slow down, just because it’s on the computer doesn’t mean I can draw at light speed.

    hope you are feeling better.

  9. Hello Sue,
    Yes, sometimes I sketch with pencil then scan the drawing into the computer. But sometimes I draw straight into the art program (GIMP) using my tablet. After that I paint over the drawing. Drawing with a tablet is more like drawing on paper than I thought. The whole painting process I use digitally is very similar to how I paint in oils (without the mess).
    I do sometimes use a small brush but very rarely the smallest. I drew this latest work with the smallest (using the tablet) but this made it very faint to see when I uploaded it here (maybe I should have just pressed down more).
    Thank you for calling round to see me. And thank you for your wonderful comments.

  10. Hello Wendy,
    I too get very impatient and I think it is because I expected things to go so much quicker. But if you want a good painting you still have to spend time on the drawing. I still work mainly the same way I do with oils (just not as much waiting around for bits to dry). You are right, just because you are using a computer as your canvas doesn’t mean you draw any different (or I don’t anyway). I wish I could draw at the speed of light but the reality is I take forever…lol. I am so slow (mainly because of illness but I would still be a slow worker I think).
    Thank you for coming round – I love people nipping in for a chat.

  11. Hi Stew, thanks for the comment. With the quality of your work you really need to stop beating yourself up. This work in progress is amazing, take as long as you like , I look forward to seeing the end result.

  12. I am not an artist (would love to be one tho) but I can see that your work is just awesome, The detailing is so perfect, all those subtle tones are amazing. I am blown away by it. Bundling up piles of good days and sending them to you from NZ.

  13. That is very impressive and I loved looking at the whole thing below too. I don’t know where I would start! Fabulous detail and so full of power…I look forward to the next installment ~ Chrissy

  14. Why, thank you Chrissy. Just been for a peek at your website/blog. I love your drawing. I think you did the best thing not using colour – it kind of goes more with the time period. And of course, it turned out to be wonderful.
    I like your other artwork too. A great stag painting (I have a drawing of a stag – it’s in the Graphite section of this site. I called it….Stag – great idea eh…lol).
    You also have some fantastic wildlife photographs.
    A great site Chrissy!
    I will be putting up another update on the Fight painting very soon – almost another nine pixels done 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by Chrissy.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Stew….I checked out your stag and love it and of course you have at least given it a title which is more than I have mine 😉 Your graphite work is lovely and the best thing is how you have made it so individual, hard to do I think with that medium. Thanks also for the comments on the wildlife pics, as you can tell it is a favourite subject for me and at least I get plenty of reference material 🙂 Now I shall go and check out your update, it looks rather more than nine pixels :O

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