Work In Progress And How To Make You Own First Class Stamps

Here we go with another Work In Progress.

I had a bit of a break while I did a few sketches.  Mainly quick portraits with a couple of street sketches.  I had been meaning to start doing a few sketches but never got round to it.  Most were OK but I  really need to get more practice in.  Of course, I also need to get some work done on this little painting above or the WIP updates are going to end up being pixel by pixel.

I had a blood test the other day.  Afterwards, as always, the nurse put a bit of cotton wool where the needle had been and stuck it there  with a bit of tape.  When I got home I took the cotton wool off – the blood looked just like a small picture of the Queen.  It was like a fluffy first class stamp.  I wish I had taken a photo of it.  I’m not sure why you would want to know this but it did make me smile.

More updates soon (could be anything up to eight pixels in progress).


21 thoughts on “Work In Progress And How To Make You Own First Class Stamps

  1. Hah! I just happened to drop in here to see if there is progress and lo and behold there is more! The chain mail, the folds in the fabric, the red silky fabric, and the values in the hand all are so well done. But the chain mail – that makes my jaw drop! It is coming along fabulously.

    I understand slow. I am the expert in slow. I recently have been trying to limit detail, and do quicker watercolor sketches. I did an outdoor sketch with trees, picnic benches and the like, a nice foggy scene, and everyone I showed it to said it needed something more. So now I am adding two figures and spending oh so much more time on them – tons of time. So I understand slow. But it is oh so satisfying.

    As for the stamp, interesting, but count me relieved that I am not staring at it right now. Since it is unlikely that Britain will snatch up the bloody portrait of the queen I suspect that it is no great loss. 🙂

    1. Hello Dan,
      Oh do I know what you mean – I have been telling myself that I need to do more quick sketches. But I am always so much better when I slow down, it’s just that my slowing down is…well, much slower than most people’s slowing down…lol.
      And that stamp just wouldn’t have worked would it? I was having dreams where I could hear voices shouting ‘Off with his head…’ – Gulp!
      Thank you for coming to have a look Dan.

  2. It is beautifully rendered and the textures are amazing. They do all look soft, chain, rough cloak ~ damn good 🙂 As for the rest, I think that perhaps Dan is right, pictures of blood even if unusual shapes are a little gross. Not that I am sqeamish or anything but…..

  3. Aw, common guys. Wot’s a little blood going to hurt! Beautiful work, Stew. This is going to be a classic. Slow’s the ticket ~ try to go fast and you’ll just get frustrated.

  4. Well, at least slow pays off for you! If I try to slow down, I inevitably overwork. If I go too fast, it looks like a child did it. I guess I’m goldilocks-ed. I’m not a squeamish sort and actually thought it sounded like an interesting stamp. I liked Dan’s comment too as I can just hear the British saying they don’t bloody like it!

    Incredible detail here. Absolutely love the chainmail. Incredible!

    1. Hello Raena,
      How lovely to see you again.
      Thank you for calling round to see me.
      I have been trying my best to do some non-overworked sketches but not sure it is me (if you know what I mean).
      As for the stamp…I can see me losing my head if I’m not careful – I think it still happens in this country (I think..or was that just a dream?).
      Thank you for the fantastic comments Raena.
      Headless Stew.

  5. WoW amazing work here! I didn’t think all this was possible with my tablet. Amazing stuff. ‘Part time traveler’, Wish I could put that in my title, Love it!

    1. Hello Clare,
      Thank you for popping round to see me.
      Thank you also for the lovely comments. What tablet do you have? I have a Wacom Bamboo which I use with the free software GIMP.
      Part tim traveler is not quite right, I’m a…
      Part Time Time-Traveler (you may need to look back to some older posts for that to make any sense).

  6. Goodness, Stew, I’m not surprised progress is slow with that astionishig level of detail! But it will all be worth it when it’s finished…

    1. Hello Chalotte,
      Thank you for coming round to see me (sorry I didn’t have any biscuits in but hopefully the tea was ok).
      And thank you also for your smashing comments.
      Please come back soon (I’ll have chocolate biscuits in by then).

    1. Hello Charlote,
      It seems ages since you were last here (but I’ve not had time to get the biscuits in yet).
      I can’t type fast at all (but I still mis-type). I’m always ‘astonished’ by people who can type with more than one finger.
      New post coming soon so do please nip round for a chat and a cuppa.

    1. Hello Alex,
      Thank you for popping in to see me.
      And thank you for your fantastic comments.
      I love seeing people’s work in progress and how it all comes together too.
      There is some wonderful artwork on your site mate.

  7. Thanks Stew! Oh they have fairs here and there throughout the year-one of my friends is fortunate enough to perform in a group with his dad, but I’m out in Southern California and I haven’t been to one in a while 😦

  8. This is absolutely amazing to me! I have very little idea about the process but I can appreciate the time and skill involved. It’s looking fantastic!

  9. Hello Ann,
    What beautiful comments which I surely do not deserve.
    The process that I use is very similar to the one I would use for oil painting.
    I am so glad people seem to like it – you never know how you’re doing. These comments that people send me are what keep me going.

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