Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

Sketch for Julia Kay's Portrait Party
Greg Durrett. Graphite.

After months of telling myself that I really should be doing more sketching/drawing but not actually ‘getting round to it’, I joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.  I thought that maybe now I would have no choice but to do quicker sketches.  These two are the very first ones.  I have to admit I spent a day on this first one.  So at the end of the day I did a quick 5 min sketch.  This may be my only way to keep up with JKPP – doing fast sketches.

A quick 5 min sketch forJulia Kay's Portrait Party
Greg Durrett. Quick Sketch

18 thoughts on “Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

  1. Thank you Rebecca. How nice of you to drop by.
    And thank you for your lovely comments. I have been to your site quite a few times and must say I love your work. You are also in the JKPP aren’t you? It really is good fun.

  2. Oh My, Stew, excellent portraits. I like the livliness in your 5 min sketch. It is so difficult to leave something alone after five min, don’t you agree?

    1. Hello Clare,
      Thank you for your comments. I must admit that I joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party to make me sketch. But I am having a hard time with leaving it alone – when is finished finished? 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by Clare.

  3. Hi Stew,
    thanks so much for your comment on my “sketch”/ all day project, lol!
    Yes, by the looks of your first “quick sketch” we’re the same when it comes to details. That little fine pointed pencil seems to need to prove it’s point, so to speak!
    Although, I did a painting today (not the fishing house) that only took me 3 hours, start to finish….what’s up with that!

    1. Hello Tahirih,
      Thank you for dropping by my little bloggie site thingy.
      Yes, I do find it hard to just sketch without getting caught up in the details. But a lot of the times it is the details that fascinate me.
      Three hours, start to finish….? Wow, I’m more of a three month kind of chap…lol.

  4. Fabulous. As much as I admire the finished drawing (and I do), I love the quick sketch. There’s just something about quick sketches that’s so spontaneous and fun.

    1. Hello Caatje,
      Thank you for nipping round to see my bloggie blog site web thing.
      I know what you mean about quick sketches. I don’t normally do them but I am starting to make myself do them and….it’s fun!

  5. Phenomenal! I love both of them. The completed drawing is great – such an expression, and I’d guess a really good likeness. And the quick sketch is obviously of the same person – and such energy – love the squiggly lines!

    1. Hello Dan,
      I’m so glad you nipped in to see these sketches. It’s nice to know what the king of sketching thinks.
      Yes, squiggly lines – I was thinking squiggly could be a way to stop myself getting too lost in details. Who knows, it may just work. But I would be more pleased if I could sketch like you.

    1. Hello Cathy,
      Thank you for popping over from Italy to England again.
      Also, thank you for your lovely comments.
      I find it hard to believe you would be hopeless at any drawing. I joined JKPP for just that…practice.
      Hope to see you soon.

  6. This is wonderful!
    I love your quick sketches.
    But the finished product, wow.

    i really need to be working more on this time of thing myself.
    perhaps you will inspire me.

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