Jerry Waese – Quick Sketch

Jerry Waese - Quick Sketch

Another quick sketch for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party


10 thoughts on “Jerry Waese – Quick Sketch

  1. Oh Blimey….!!!
    I didn’t know there were so many comments to this post – I just got a notification e-mail and find all these lovely comments. I’m Over The Moon!
    Thank you so much and sorry some of you have got such a late reply.

  2. Hi Stew! How kind of you to leave such a thoughtful comment on my blog today. As I look at your artwork here, both digital and sketches, it makes me think that this dilemma of trying to say “yes” to our creative ideas, strikes even the most accomplished of artists. Your digital work is amazing! And I love the scribbly line portraits for the julia Kay party!! Very expressive! You must certainly keep on moving ahead with anything you want to try! I’d highly recommend splashing some watercolor around on your sketches! Not that they are lacking anything!! But if you are wanting to try… No need to wait for special waterproof ink…you could just use a bic pen, like I do:). I really don’t know anything about the Lami pen or the Noodler…but I’m sure that others on our EDM site would be happy to direct you. And Cathy Johnson offers wonderful info about all those pens on her site and in her recent posts. Well, thank ou, most sincerely, for your kind words sbout my artwork! It really makes my day!! -Jennifer

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      Your not going to believe this but you sending that message and saying I made your day really made MY day.
      Does bic pens not smudge when you put the watercolour on? If not, it sounds like a plan 🙂
      Thank you for all your kind words about my work. Funny how good things happen sometimes just as your doubting yourself.
      I wonder what paints you use as your colours are always some cool (as in nice 🙂 ).

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