Work In Progress Returns

Don't point that thing at me!

Hello…Here is a few more pixels of the painting I am working on at the moment.

Some days I am not too sure if this is really working – other days I am not even sure what it was I didn’t like and then things seem fine.  In the end I guess you just have to press on.


15 thoughts on “Work In Progress Returns

    1. Hello Wendy,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Thank you also for your lovely comments. A Beautiful Fight…could be a title 🙂

      Your symptoms – the throwing up and stuff sounds like when I was on chemo. I sympathise so much, having someone who cares makes all the difference at those times.

    1. Hello Dan,
      Thank you so much for the comments. I wish I could keep up with the sketches but find that when I have the time I am trying to get this painting done.
      I had another look at your watercolour last night – fantastic!

  1. Hi Stew, your work just gets better and better, your portrait sketches are brilliant and the work in progress is amazing, how can you find anything wrong with it? We seem to like each others work so much, maybe we should start a “Mutual appreciation society”. All jokes aside , I find your work superb, I only wish I could do the detail like you.

    1. Hello Phil,
      I think we like each others work as it is so much different to each others (did that just make sense?). Your street scene is just amazing. And your still life…that would have taken me too long just to draw it out never mind the painting.

  2. This was amazing to start with, now it is just beyond ~ the textures are breathtakingly good. I also enjoyed looking at your sketches, they are also full of life in a different way. I love to do quicker work in between more detailed stuff, it keeps me sane 😉

  3. Hello Chrissy,
    Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Thank you also for the lovely comments.
    You are right about sketching – when you do a lot of detailed work, sketching can ward off insanity (too late in my case).

    I can’t seem to find your blog/site Chrissy, I am sure you had one.


    1. Hello Alex.
      Sorry for taking so long to reply – I haven’t been online for quite a while due to illness.
      Glad you like it so far (I am about to post what I think is the final version).
      Chain mail…arrrrgh, tis all I dream of…lol. I just can’t get it out of my head.
      Thank you for your super comments Alex.

    1. Hello Ann,
      Sorry for taking so long to reply – I haven’t been online for quite a while due to illness.
      I have just been looking at your lovely blog/site. There really is some wonderful artwork there (although the ghost scared me…a little).
      The tutorial is a super idea but I am just too stupid to get it to work.

    1. Hello Raena,
      Sorry for taking so long to reply – I haven’t been online for quite a while due to illness.
      I have just discovered the most amazing word…..knickknacky! Thank you Raena, I just know that word will come in useful at some point in my life.
      Looks like you had a fantastic day at the International Quilt Festival. The ‘Allergic To Dogs’ painting was superb.
      Thank you for your lovely comments Raena.

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