Well hello and welcome to my first post of the year.  I declare 2012 officially open!!!

And now the bad news (assuming you thought the last line was good news and I very much doubt it)…I’ve been at it again.  Drawing that is, well OK, sketching…kind of.  Yes, more Julia Kay’s Portrait Party portraits.  I’ve never been a great sketcher but always wanted to be.  JKPP is a great way to practice sketching portraits.  I have been working on a style that is so much more loose than I am used to.  I’m spending minutes on a drawing rather than days.  Not sure if it is working yet.  All these sketches were drawn using a cheap W.H. Smiths fountain pen.  I must have a go at urban sketching soon.


Diddydidans / Diane
Diddydidans / Diane again.


Kline Howell

19 thoughts on “More JKPP

  1. Good sketches! I especially like the first two. I like the way you break of the line, and those squiggles are cool.

    1. Hello Dan My Boy, How the Devil are you?
      Thanks for nipping in.
      Squiggles? What squiggles…? I have a cold at the moment, that’s just what happens when you draw and sneeze at the same time 😉
      I like doing this sketchy portrait thing but I would really love to do something like you and Phil and Cathy and loads of others do.

    1. Hello Cathy,
      Well…I was just talking to Dan about you ^up there^ somewhere.
      Thank you for your comments Cathy and thank you for nipping in to see me.
      There is only one thing to do when you find yourself under pressure…crack up.

    1. Blimey…Speak of the Devil…lol. I was just talking about you (and Cathy) with (or to) Dan ^up there^ somewhere.
      ‘Thought you said you couldn’t sketch !’…So I proved my point with the pics…lol.
      Thanks for nipping round to my blogsite Phil.

  2. Hi Stew,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and asking about the sketchbook. The Sketchbook Project (which sometimes I call the sketchbook challenge) is sponsored by the Brooklyn Art Library’s Art-House Coop. You sign up on line, choose a theme, pay a fee, and then they send you a small sketchbook in the mail. You are free to alter it in lots of ways as long as it doesn’t get bigger than the prescribed dimensions. Then you complete it and mail it in, where it gets catalogued and travels around the U.S. with hundreds of other sketchbooks. You don’t get it back, but, for another fee, you can have them make a photo archive of it. To find out more:

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