Even More JKPP

Not the best title ever eh?

I have been wanting to introduce watercolour to my pen and ink.  The trouble is the ink…it bleeds, badly.  I only have to show it moisture and it’s gone…run right off the page.  Now I’m sure everyone here has tried this before but I must admit, to me it was a revelation.  The idea of drawing with a fountain pen then chucking water at it to create tone came when I accidentally spilt water on a drawing.  The only problem is I am using very cheap non-watercolour paper – it was nearly falling to bits.  Still, it’s all fun eh?

So who do I practice with…Mmmm.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Julia Kay!


Julia Kay for Julia Kay's Portrait Party. Fountain pen and water.



20 thoughts on “Even More JKPP

    1. Hello Cathy,
      Awww…nice of you to pop in.
      Thank you for the comments. I should put underneath the pic – Cathy Holtom says ‘It’s an excellent sketch’.
      Must admit, I’m not too keen of hights (platform shoes used to scare me) but not sure why you told me…lol.

  1. Hi Stew, looks good! I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, now I should get on with it. I like the idea making use of what would otherwise be annoying… By the way, talk of maltloaf is making me homesick- don’t think it exists in Sweden…

    1. Hello Charlotte,
      Thank you for toddling round to my place on the web.
      Also, thank you for your nice comments. Yes, you should try it, you might find it fun (well it made me laugh when I was doing it but I guess I’m a bit strange).
      I was eating Cinnamon and Raisin Soreen…lovely. Whereabouts do you come from?
      Oh, before I go…have you got a blog/site?

  2. Hiya Stew, this is great (as always). Often use waterproof pens for sketching etc, but never tried a fountain pen, must try it. How you feeling these days, good I hope.?
    The class went well, thanks for asking, the students were delighted with themselves, said they had a great time and couldn’t wait for next week.
    Mind yourself, look forward to more sketches.
    Phil (MAS)

    1. Hello Phil,
      Great to see you.
      I’m up and down but I could be so much worse. And I managed to go for a walk yesterday, even got as far as the beach (mind you it is only 2mins away and I had a bit of a hard time getting back…lol).
      That must have been great when the students said they had had a good time – makes everything worthwhile eh?
      Stew (MAS)

  3. Stew, Very nice! Have you used inktense pencils by Derwent? The nice thing about them is that once the released pigments dry (after wetting) they become water fast and will not release again. So you could add some transparent watercolor if you wanted.

    Gotta check out this portrait party!

    1. Hello Cathy,
      Two posts…gasp! That’s fantastic.
      Oops…the malt loaf has gone, one minuet it was here, the next…gone 😦 Can you get it where you live? I think it’s on special offer at the Co-Op 😉
      After I sent that reply asking about why you were scared of heights I realised – blimey, I’m slow. I’m ^^ looking up ^^ at your post right now.

  4. Stew, thanks for the link, I put in a request and uploaded some art to flickr. The inktense pencils are water-soluble, but the pigments are ink-like and they don’t re-release. Some of them become more brilliant when they make contact with water.

  5. Hello Barbara,
    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I have to say though, Oooooh that paper is rough – I keep getting splinters. Still…it’s a great excuse when things go wrong eh 😉
    Thanks for coming.

  6. OK. So you need tp no worry about the “bad” paper. It is precisely what makes these work for you so beautifully!! Long ago I began to actually prefer the lesser paper because it gave the water-work a look I love, which is what you have here, and it also made me work more quickly and efficiently so as not to overwork the paper or the painting. I can’t stress enough how wonderful these portraits are Stew! Don’t change anything. Enjoy what you are able to accomplish without all the expensive papers or Lami pen!!! Chances are, you would not get anywhere close to the accomplishment of these Three portraits here. I hope we see more of these soon!

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