The Return Of Julia Kay And Her Portrait Party

I know I am becoming boring with all this portrait party stuff but I have to admit it’s fun!  Portraits have always fascinated and intrigued me.  Once again I am going for the old fountain pen and water technique.  I really must get some watercolour paper or at least some real sketching paper eh?

I am still wanting to have a dabble at urban sketching – I notice that the Urban Sketchers have got a new book out.  I would love to buy that but I can’t even afford decent paper to sketch on so I guess it’s never going to happen…But…you may be able to afford so you should go have a look on the Urban Sketchers site – I think it is also available at Amazon (other retailers may also be partaking in the sale of said book).  If I remember rightly, there was talk of a Julia Kay’s Portrait Party book being produced at some point…I think that would be fantastic.

Talking of having no money.  Do you think the sales of expensive large screen TV’s will come down in price once people realise all they have to do is move their chairs closer to the TV?


Ritaflo / Rita Flores

30 thoughts on “The Return Of Julia Kay And Her Portrait Party

    1. Hello Betty,
      I’ll tell you a secret…she IS wonderful.
      On the other hand my sketch of her is err…experimental. That sounds good doesn’t it? Yes, experimental.
      Your own work is incredible Betty.
      Thank you for popping round. I love it when you come to see me.

    1. Hello Shelly,
      So sorry, I just found your comment in Spam.
      Thank you for nipping round to see me. I Had a quick peek at your site and will be going round again as soon as I have a bit more time.
      A frog and a train?? Why? Tell you what though – It’s a great painting!

  1. I think your fountain pen and water portrait is wonderful… I’m an ink should not run kinda gal… so doing something like this would scare me.. Big TVs are here to stay, the prices have come down quite a lot… I don’t think the 3D tvs will last, too hokey and the 3D movies are really not good enough to warrant the expense… I know we’ll never buy one because the spousal unit is blind in one eye, so the 3D effects are lost on him..
    Off to check out the urban sketchers book… thanks for that tip.

  2. I love these portraits and think that the running ink adds interest and gives them character. But if it bothers you, you could try using some 140# watercolor paper to see if you get as much washback or buckling.

    1. Hello Barbara,
      Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog.
      Also, thank you for your comments.
      I really do need to get some watercolour paper – it would stop the buckling if nothing else.

  3. Hi Stew, fabulous sketch as usual, (I sound so gushing I should be in AB Fab or Gimme Gimme)Anyway I really like it, am gonna buy a fountain pen today and try it. I love the tv comment, must tell my son , he’s always buying bigger and bigger sets!
    I’m in Uk next Tues to Frid, in Kent, pity your so far away could’ve brought you some watercolour paper.
    All the best, Phil (MAS)

  4. beautiful portrait, stew. So clean and simple, beautiful washes. Thanks for the comments on my blog, you make my head grow twice its size each time you comment. You’re so ready for urban sketches!

  5. Hello Meegan,
    I can only imagine how hard it must be getting about to do your Urban Sketchery with a head twice the size of a normal Urban Sketcher.
    I think there could be an opening for a new invention – The Urban Sketcher’s Head Holding Device.
    Thank you for coming along today(ish).
    And thank you for the comments.

  6. Sorry I am late to the portrait party! This is really beautiful – love the way the ink just flows. Got to try that water-soluble ink.

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