Mariah O’Neill

Well, I’m still dabbling with portraits using a fountain pen and a splash of water.  I do  need to get some watercolour paper however which I am sure would stop the buckling, plus maybe I wouldn’t have to worry about the paper falling apart.

I am just about certain that I will be getting a Lamy Safari as my pen is such hard work and I would like to try waterproof ink.

Mariah O'Neill

28 thoughts on “Mariah O’Neill

  1. Mariah is such a wonderful presence in the portrait party, Stewart, and you have “done her proud!” Your portrait is beautiful . . . exquisitely rendered. I need to go search you out on flickr . . . I don’t want to miss a single sketch!

    I have recently received the new Urban Sketchers book and it is brilliant!

    1. Hello Betty,
      Nice to see you here again.
      Thank you for your lovely comments.
      You have the book? Lucky you. I thought it would be good…I have my eye on it (my other eye is on a small Moleskine Watercolour Notebook – *Wink*…I just realised I must have a third eye to wink with, how useful is that?).

  2. Just thought I’d nip round here – never nipped before, kinda like it. Anyway, this is an excellent portrait – excellent – again love the effect of the ink. You will love the Lamy Safari though. I’ve been using another pen, but was thinking of going back to the Lamy for something I’m working on. Its nib is a bit thicker and I can vary the line and it would be just right. And you just reminded me. So I have to nip on over there and get it I think.

    1. Hello Dan,
      Nipping places is great isn’t it? I like to nip about in the UK but I must say I can’t nip around like I used to.
      I think I first heard of the Lamy from you mate. I’m having trouble finding ink though – very hard to get Noodlers here now as it seems they have stopped sending it to these shores. I have heard good things about Platinum Carbon Ink (both black and sepia), but not sure if they would clog the pen up or not. What is the other pen you are using? Don’t suppose it’s under £1.50p is it…lol.
      By the way, I nipped over to your site earlier – Love the post.

  3. Don’t know if I have commented here before, but I have visited several times. I really like this style. I should try that. What kind of ink and pen are you using?

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I saw the reference to JKPP here but had no idea what you are talking about. Today I googled it and understood better what it is. I applied to the group but it seems it can take months to get approved. It’s definitely something that I would find helpful. Let’s see if I find the time for it. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation.

    I also read your profile page. How is your health now?

    1. Hello Jutta,
      Thank you for taking the time to call into my little site.
      It is well worth the wait for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party – it can take months but probably won’t.
      I have just had a colonoscopy (lovely) and that was clear…Yay! I am going for a CT scan on Friday (10th Feb) but won’t get the results until later. And then, I go to see the surgeon next week (I think). But although I could be all clear, the cancer and the treatment has left me not the same as I was. On the other hand…things could have been SO much worse. 🙂
      Thank you for asking Jutta 🙂
      Oh, and the pen and ink are both W.H.Smiths – a very cheap fountain pen. The ink costs 50p for a big bag of cartridges (as far as I can remember).

    1. Hello Cheryl,
      Thank you for calling round to see me.
      And thank you for your lovely comments.
      I have just been round to see Creative Musings – Fantastic site! Wonderful artwork. Also, a great collection of pens and things.

  4. I use the Lamy Safari it was on offer on Amazon…but the grey ink I like I had to get from the US. It was expensive but it’s an enormous bottle and should last for ages.
    Lovely sketch, I really like the cloudy soft look of the ink & water.

    1. Hello Cathy,
      It is so nice of you to call round.
      I think it is going to have to be a Lamy Safari. Not sure about the ink as it is so hard to get Noodlers ink in the UK now. Is the grey ink the Noodlers Lexington? I have been thinking about Platinum Black Carbon ink but I know it can clog up a fountain pen. They do a Sepia which could be nice too. I think both Noodlers or Platinum Carbon are going to be expensive though.
      Thank you for the great comments Cathy.
      Has your cat come home yet?

    1. Hello Meegan,
      That’s funny, I was just thinking of popping round to your site. I should get notifications when you post but I don’t always seem to get them.
      Thank you for your fantastic comments Meegan.

  5. Hiya Stew, bit late replying to this one but never mind. Have you thought about a watercolour block, the paper wouldn’t buckle and you can just peel off the finished painting and you have a fresh page.
    How you keeping these days?

  6. Oh, and btw…this portrait is brilliantly done! Wow. The ink wash from you pen, the drawing, everything is spot on! Keep drawing through your grief. It will help.

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