Kim Schuster

Kim Schuster

Well I just can’t make my mind up about this one.  Sometimes I like it but other times….I don’t know.  I had hoped for better but things could always have turned out worse.

Once again I used fountain pen with shedloads of water.


23 thoughts on “Kim Schuster

  1. Stop moaning…it’s great! Only observation I would make is that the shoulders look slightly askew, or maybe its the neck, not sure, but other than that its brilliant. I agree with Nancy about the eyes, you could lose yourself in them.
    All the best, hope you’re feeling ok. Phil (Mas)

    1. Hello Phil,
      Ha ha…you’re right of course – I should stop moaning.
      Yes, the shoulders or neck…not sure what I did there. Stranger is the fact that I didn’t notice it until I had scanned it.
      The eyes were fun to do – I always like drawing the eyes.
      I am not too bad at all Phil – I hope you are well.
      Stew (MAS). <—That stands for Mutual Appreciation Society. I just put the initials to save me having to type out lots of text after my nam…..oh no…now I've gon and had to type lots of text after my name. By the way…do yourselves a favour by toddling round to Phil's website/blog. Here is a link

  2. Hi Stew – and I agree with those who’ve already said, this one really stands out. I particularly like the hair and eyes.

    As for your not being sure about it, I sympathise (even whilst disagreeing!) There is a fine line between constructively always looking at your own work to be able to see how you can improve (I’m talking about my own work here, not yours!) and a type of mis-seeing which means you can only see faults (real or imagined), thus skewing your general perspective.

    Keep posting these fountain pen and ink portraits, they are wonderful. I showed them today to my daughters (“wow” was the response.)


  3. Hello Cathy,
    Thank you for your comment about the eyes, I was hoping for that very effect.
    And thank you for the comment about the hair too. I thought I had lost it at one part of the process then it all came back together. It’s strange how many times that happens, it all seems to be going wrong then it all pulls back together.
    By the way, for anyone reading this who would like to visit a really fantastic blog of a wonderful artist…I suggest clicking on this link

  4. Hello Cat,
    Nice to see you…well actually, I can’t. You see the internet is playing up and all I can see is text but you know what I mean.
    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    Don’t forget to scribble that nose 🙂

  5. Your portraits are amazing. Her eyes have such light in them, and she looks tridimensional and like she’s about to move and talk from the page. I’m awed : )!!

  6. Stew, you have definitely flattered me in this portrait! I love everything about it-wish I looked this good in real life! You are an amazing artist and I am thankful our paths have crossed. Hugs, Kim

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