Mum and Dad

Mum And Dad

I think I may have posted this drawing before but this is a better scan.  Also, after my Dad’s death, I wanted to post this drawing again.

The occasion of this drawing was their 60th wedding anniversary.  They were married for 65 years.


50 thoughts on “Mum and Dad

  1. This is a gorgeous picture – what a sense of happiness and togetherness . They look like really nice folks – and how nice to be able to remember your father in this way, and that you are kind enough to share it with us.

      1. Stew, you are a darling to send people my way – thank you! I’m plodding on with Dodson, and have just got to the end of chapter 2. I eagerly look forward to whatever he sets each time, however hard, and will post the last drawings from chapter 2 soon . I also made a biscuit (I’m in England – that’s a cookie) recipe this weekend and have half finished drawing it, so it really can be the illustrated biscuit!
        I look forward to whatever you next post.

    1. Hello Phil.
      Thank you for nipping round to my blog.
      And thank you for the comments.
      I’ve just been strolling round you fantastic site
      While I was there I found an old post you did called Statement of intent. In that post there is a wonderful painting called Peeping Through – just wanted to let you know that I love it. Here it is if anyone else would like to see it
      Great feel and superb light.

  2. What an awesome picture and a cherished memory I’m sure. I love your style in both this and then ink you have been showing us lately. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful drawing and great work with graphite.
    65 years, thats amazing and the drawing really shows the wonderful life they had together.

  4. Hello Meegan,
    How nice to see you here…Sit thee down lass (can you tell I’m a Yorkshire man?).
    And thank you for the comments.
    Although I did indeed leave white areas, a tiny parts of this is down to awful scanning.
    Meegan has some amazing urban sketches at her site – here is the link…


  5. Stew- Your work is brilliant! I’ve found your new blog and have signed up for email updates. I think you made the right choice in your switch to Word Press.
    You have done a tremendous job in honoring your parents. Lovely!

  6. This is a lovley portrait. I am sorry about the recent death of your father.

    btw I’m here via Phil Davis’ blog.

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