Painting Finished

Big Steps, Little Feet

I am finally back and I have finished this painting at last.

Big Steps, Little Feet

Oil on canvas 20×16

Steps leading up from the cove at Church Ope, Portland, Dorset, England to the pirates graveyard.  What are they smuggling in their pockets?  Magic pebbles and seaweed with special powers.
The pirates graveyard is a secret mystical place.

And so onto the next painting but what will it be?


43 thoughts on “Painting Finished

  1. Glad you’re feel in better, Stew. This painting is gorgeous! I love the detail work especially the folds in the girl’s jacket and the stones.

  2. What can I say that I haven’t already said. I absolutely love this painting, I don’t know what else too say. Delighted to see you back in action, was getting worried about you, said to my wife only last night that I must e mail you….physic or what?

    1. Hello Phil. Fantastic to hear from you too. I would have been Over The Moon to have received an e-mail from you mate. And yes, I think you do possess strange superhuman powers.
      Your magical powers with ink are amazing too 🙂

    1. Hello Jane. I’ve climbed those stairs many a time – at the top there is a ruined abbey with gravestones that have skull and crossbones and cutlasses carved onto them – hence The Pirates Graveyard.
      Great artwork on your site by the way Jane.

  3. Hi Stew,
    glad to see you back – I missed you – and with such a cute picture. I love the painting, the atmosphere, the colors, the magic, ….
    Just when reading the other comments, I was wondering if it might be a metaphor for your ‘climb’ back towards health. – ?

    1. Hello Jutta,
      How wonderful of you to come to look at my work (how bad of me to take so long to reply). Thank you so much for the ‘I missed you’ comment – that was fantastic to know and really means a lot to me.
      And of course…Thank you for the comments on my painting Jutta.
      You know, I had not thought about it but maybe you are right – Climbing Back To Health.
      If you would like to see Jutta’s fantastic artwork try clicking here —>
      Great watercolour by the way!

    1. Hello Galen,
      Do take a seat…tea perhaps? I’ve a lovey cake in the kitchen (mind you I think it is past its best if you know what I mean).
      Well…thank you for coming to see me. And thank you for the lovely comments 🙂 I was truly Over The Moon.
      I think you know what I think of your work….amazing!
      If anyone would like to give themselves a treat, try clicking on….

      Or possibly also….


  4. Beautiful piece..all of those different textures are rendered so well! Thanks for stopping by my blog…I loved learning some of the folklore behind my “hag stones”.

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