Paula and David

Paula and David
Graphite on paper.

This drawing was a commission from Paula and David.  They wanted a drawing of their wedding day.  The drawing is 13″x9″ on 15″x11″ paper.  It has now been posted to them and they are really happy with it…Phew!  It would have been really awful if it had not been to their liking.  I know this photo isn’t the best quality – if I get hold of a better one, I will post it up here.


37 thoughts on “Paula and David

  1. Thats really nice (love her hair), and I love it how they are not in looking forward like in typical wedding pictures. Really lovely!!!
    I can relate to the feeling when you show a piece of commissioned work, its always a good feeling when they give they love it and its what they wanted (you can breath again : ) Congratulations, well done!!!

    1. Hello Mari,
      Thank you for coming round to see my drawing. And thanks for the lovely comments.
      I was so happy that they liked it – It is always important that anyone who commissions me gets just what they want. A wedding portrait is even more special I feel. Plus they are a wonderful couple 🙂

  2. Wow. Wow! This is absolutely incredible Stew! OF COURSE they love it! I don’t think you need to draw like anyone else but Stew Crother! I love the soft treatment of their faces with the amazing detail work in the hair! Breathtaking!

      1. It shouldn’t be!! I just added something onto it the other day. Hopefully it starts working again soon. Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. Wow this its really amazing -so natural. I love the subject. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a piece representing that playful moment between kisses. The attachment, the love, the joy, the feeling that they must be together, the hesitance to even separate for a moment – all of that is here. And the drawing – don’t know how you do it – is excellent. Glad I nipped on over here! 🙂

  4. I agree with everyone else… what a playful, tender moment you captured, the expressions on their face are blissful, and you absolutely nailed the hair! Lots of detail there. Great work.

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