Dream No1


The is the first time I have posted from my little tablet and the first time using the Android WordPress app.  With that in mind – I have no idea how the photograph will turn out, in size that is.
I do know that this drawing is 13×9 inches on 15×11 inches paper. I also know that once again this is a terrible photo.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a giant scanner 🙂  but I do not think that is going to happen any time soon.

The next photo I post will possibly be the portrait in oil that I’m working on.  The portrait is turning out to be quite fun with wildlife included 🙂  I’m waiting for some brushes that I ordered to arrive.  I’ll be using walnut oil for the layers above the underpainting – another first. Maybe I will post some Work In Progress shots, if I can get this app to work (or I can borrow a laptop).

Thanks for reading/viewing 🙂


18 thoughts on “Dream No1

  1. If this is a terrible photo then the real thing must be simply mindblowing as this is an outstanding drawing. Wow and double wow! What skill. I look forward to the portrait posts too.

  2. Stew this is brilliant, do you sell prints because this would make a fantastic gift for my brother who is nuts about trains…
    Love it, great detail work!!

    1. Hello Mari,
      Thank you for taking the time to view my site.
      Thank you also for the super comments.
      Yes I do have fine art prints of most of my work. The only work I do not have prints of is this one…lol. I have only just finished the drawing – I need to take it to the printers where he will do professional scanning then show me proofs until we agree and then a day to print them. I was thinking of first seeing if I could get some sales first as I don’t have the money yet to pay the printer up front.
      If you or anyone else are interested in this or any other print/original or commission you can email me at….
      Think I need to put a page up with available prints/originals.
      Thank you to anyone who is interested in my art especially those who buy my originals/prints and of course those who have the faith in me to commission work.

  3. Blimey Stew, that was some dream … amazing drawing skills. Look forward to seeing the oil painting too (as long as it doesn’t give me nightmares …).

    1. Hello Sue,
      Thank you for taking a look. And thank you for the great comments – it means a lot coming from talented artists such as yourself 🙂
      No, no scary stuff with the oil (unless you find hares scary).

  4. This is absolutely amazing!!! If this is a bad photo, I can’t imagine how it can look better! I am really interested to see what happens as you build upon this drawing, which I would have assumed was a complete work!

  5. I just read your note at drawn2life, Stew. I will be thinking of you – one of my absolute favorite bloggers (and that means people) – and throwing all the positives across the pond I can. I look forward to hearing about your third victory against the scourge. [Your time-traveling abilities should help, I think]. In the meantime, take your own advice – keep drawing!

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