Lucinda and the Hare – Underpainting

Underpainting of Lucinda and the Hare. A work in progress.
Underpainting of Lucinda and the Hare.
A work in progress.

I remember saying quite a while back that I would try to post some Work In Progress shots.  And in typical form, after starting this painting I forgot to keep taking photographs.  But here is a photo that I did remember to take.

I am painting this oil paint on linen canvas, 24 x 20 (I could be wrong about size).  I’ve started with a burnt umber wash for the underpainting using odorless mineral spirits.  The next layers will be done using a walnut oil and OMS mix.  I know what I want in my head and usually I get there but I do sometimes walk down other pathways that open up along the way.

By the way, as you can see (for those that have been here before), I have a new site.  I just thought it would be good to have a change.  Please let me know if I’ve made any awful errors – I did change things quite quickly.  I remember thinking ‘This is going a little bit too smoothly.  I’ve probably spelt my name wrong or some other glaring mistake’.

Anyway, thank you for having a look.  I will try to remember to get more photos along the way as this work progresses.


14 thoughts on “Lucinda and the Hare – Underpainting

  1. Always liked to see other artists work as it comes along, glad you took this picture and shared it with us. Great work on the different fabrics, light, folds and way it falls, cant wait to see the final piece (I hope you share more pictures of it as you go on with the painting). Great piece so far!!

  2. Stew, this is a delight – most especially the hare. And the new site looks just great 🙂 I find it clearer and easier to read. Keep up the photos as you go along, it’s wonderful to see.

  3. Stew, this is amazing work – loving all the textures. This is going to be a very powerful portrait. Sending you all good wishes across the airwaves for your health – look after yourself.

  4. If this isn’t a quintessential British subject, I don’t know what is. I don’t know why – it just seems that way to me. It is so excellently painted! I can never get over the detail you manage to put into your paintings – both digital and real – the hair, the hare, the folds of the dress and the facial expression. They both look powerful, tough, and big. It’s a fascinating picture, perfect – one I never would have thought of. They are partners, for sure. I love the combination of disparate elements in a painting. She is like a powerful character in a book.

    I am thrilled that you are painting through your health challenges. I am over here cheering for you.

    Your blog is great but your name is misspelled. On this side of the pond, the hare would be in the stew, and your name would be Stu. Look forward to seeing you correct that.

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