Danielle ~ Work In Progress No1

WIP ~ Underpainting Oil on wood panel.
WIP ~ Underpainting
Oil on wood panel.

In my last post https://stewcrowther.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/lucinda-and-the-hare/ I mentioned that I had started another painting. I also said I would be showing some Work In Progress shots so here is the first one.
I usually start with a monotone underpainting. There are several different types of underpainting, such as verdaccio (usually in shades of green) and grisaille (usually in shades of grey). I normally use a brunaille (shades of brown). Brunaille is a less common method than paintings executed in grey (grisaille), though more common than those in green (verdaille).
I do this firstly to help define values – light and dark. And secondly to lay a foundation in preparation for glazing layers of colour over it.
At this stage I use OMS (odourless mineral spirits) to keep the paint thin help it flow. For later colour layers I will introduce oil (I use walnut oil) – increasing the amount with each layer.

The beautiful model isΒ Danielle Fiore.
I will post more WIP shots very soon.

Thank you for all the lovely messages about the cancer. I had a call from the nurse the other day with results from the PET and CT scans. She told me I also have lung cancer again along with the bowel cancer. I will know more after a meeting with the surgeon on the 2nd May.


13 thoughts on “Danielle ~ Work In Progress No1

  1. Amazing painting already – would love to see a close up of that wonderful texture and look you have achieved on the fabric.
    So sorry to hear the latest news from your scans – let’s hope you have a wise and clever surgeon and that s/he has good news when you see him/her. Sending good vibes your way.

  2. You are such a gifted artist but I also know a LOT of work came first. All that talent didn’t just drop from the sky – you worked for it. Wonderful work!!

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