Just About Finished!


Well what with the chemo and radiotherapy, this has taken way longer to finish than expected. But at last I’m calling this one finished…well, unless I just…no…It’s finished.
I struggled with glare while I was trying to photograph this so I may try again later.

So now…onto the next painting…


19 thoughts on “Just About Finished!

    1. Hello John. Thank you for coming round to see my little blogsite.
      Yes this is a bit of what I do πŸ™‚
      I was looking through your site a little earlier today. Your journaling (is that a word?) is fantastic as is the artwork that goes in them. I see you make your own journals.
      If you would like a look at John’s work, simply click here…http://john-alookin.blogspot.co.uk/

  1. Great to see this, Stew. Sorry you have been so flattened by the treatments, and hope they are doing their stuff. Hope you feel stronger soon. The portrait is inspiring – really amazing textures and your control of light and shade – wonderful.

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