Cancer and What I’ve Been Up To!

Yes, I’ve been very quiet lately – nothing strange there then eh? The last post was 7th August 2015 – with a drawing of me. Or at least a drawing using a photograph of myself as reference. The post was called Unnatural History and was drawn in my Stilman and Birn sketchbook.
As usual, what has slowed me down is my health. Things have not been great since my brain operation. Not long since the brain operation I was sent for a week of radiotherapy to my head…8th of June to the 12th.
Not long after that, my hair started to fall out…well that took all of a few days. I went from hair I could sit on to complete baldness within 2/3 days.

For years now, both Lucinda and myself had talked about going on holiday to Scotland – we had wanted to go there since we met in 2009. Lucie, being the thoroughly organised person she is decided that we needed treating to a holiday after years (six) of fighting cancer – bowel, lung, chest and brain cancer.
Very quickly, Lucinda sorted out the tour throughout September going to north west Scotland and then visiting Northumbria, Durham, Yorkshire, Lancashire then driving down to Gloucester and then Home (Portland, Dorset. Near Weymouth – England).
While touring Scotland, I became much more ill and started to lose the use of my legs. This all happened between setting off and getting home.
To cut a long story short…
We arrived home on October 1st and I was in a hospice by October 7th – less than a week. I left the hospice on 20th October.
All well and good you would think but by the 14th of November I was admitted into Dorset County Hospital with breathing difficulty’s.
Eventually, after sorting out an oxygen machine on the 19th November, I was allowed to come home.
The Scotland trip was great even though I couldn’t walk, I could sketch in the small sketchbook I brought along.
And here is a couple of those sketches….





22 thoughts on “Cancer and What I’ve Been Up To!

  1. Your sketches are absolutely beautiful, you have captured the Scottish landscape so well. Such a shame you couldn’t walk, I hope you get the use of them back soon. Thinking of you Stew..

  2. Stew, I really love the colours in your drawings, the bottom one is my favourite but both absolutely lovely. So glad you were able to go on this trip and to see all these stunning views, what great way to get away. Too bad your legs gave out, but so good to see how non of that stopped you from capturing the stunning views. Wish you all the best Stew, to you and Lucinda.

    1. Hello Mari,
      The colours are Polychromos coloured pencils and I love them. It’s the first time I’ve used coloured pencils. I have other drawings that use watercolour as underpainting.
      Thank you for taking a look.

  3. I am so sorry to hear what a difficult time you have been having with your health & send you all the best wishes in the world. I am so glad you could make the trip and get some sketching done. As always, your art work is wonderful.

  4. Hi Stew, as usual your work is amazing, what more can I say. Sorry to hear your health is disimproving
    I don’t pray but I think our brains are way more powerful than we know so I will send good thoughts to you and hope they work.
    Phil (MAS)P

  5. Hi Stew, so sorry to hear you are so unwell. Despite this you still produce amazing work
    I don’t pray,but I will try to send good thoughts to you.
    All the best.

    Phil (MAS)

    1. Please don’t concern yourself about commenting on my work, you have enough to think about.
      I would love to meet you in person and was thinking that maybe in the New Year I would fly over if you’re upto it. I know you get very tired so don’t worry about saying no, I will fully understand.
      Keep smiling 😊

  6. Stew the colours and life in the drawings on your travels are simply lovely. Very glad to hear you had such a trip through such beautiful places, and that despite everything you could manage a drawing or two. You are unbelievably kind in keeping us all updated and blessed by your messages and by your consideration for everyone else. I have been looking at every bulletin of EDM message to see if you are there and here you are when I look today – thank you 🙂 Sending love to you and to Lucie,

    1. Hello Jane.
      Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
      Are you still drawing those wonderful portraits – must admit I love portraits in all mediums – graphite, oil paint, coloured pencil….. . . . .
      Sorry that I’ve not been visiting many sites.


  7. Stew, I have thought of you often in recent days, and am so happy to see you are able to sketch and post. Love to you and your Lucie. Your Scotland sketches are as exquisite as everything you post.

  8. Oh my goodness Stew…you must be a seriously strong person to have battled all of that and still be drawing and typing!! I hope your health turns for the best soon for you! I do love the freshness of these drawings…just lovely. Hang in there. What am I saying?? You ARE hanging in there!! Keep drawing! Keep fighting!

    1. Hello Jennifer. It’s an absolute delight to hear from you.
      Things are not too great for me but I should never forget the dreadful things others go through everyday.
      How are you doing? I know you have been through an illness yourself and it is very possible you still are. Of course, this lack of knowledge about my fellow art bloggers only proves I have been neglecting some incredible blogs. The lack of Internet signal at some of these hospitals and hospices does not help of course.
      I hope you are fit and well Jennifer.
      Next week, I have a sister called ‘Jennifer’ coming down from the north of England to see me.
      That should be nice!

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