Stew is an artist focusing on Portrait and Fantasy work. Utilising mainly Oil Paint, Graphite, Digital and Pen and Ink. Available for commissions.

After finding out I had bowel & lung cancer days before Christmas 2009, I had my first operation in January 2010 – with a second operation in June. Because of this and the chemo, I couldn’t work so decided to start drawing and painting. Much more has happened since then with bowel, lung, chest, and brain operations – the story of which you will be able to read in…Stew’s Brain Drain, very soon. (Now up and running).
Of course, I had painted before – long ago in time. I had even studied at art school before life got in the way. But still, at the end of 2010 I felt like I was starting all over again.
I work in both fantasy/sci-fi artwork and also portraiture but happy to paint/draw any subject.
I am available for commissions. And for portraits can work from any good clear photograph.
Mainly I work in Oil Paint, Graphite, Digital and Pen and Ink.

I live on the Secret Mystical Island of Portland, Dorset, England…well, it’s not a secret anymore is it?

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Stew’s Art Page on Facebook

E-mail – stewcrowther.art@gmail.com

Now hereStew’s Brain Drain – The diary of Stew & Lucie’s fight against cancer.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Stew, thanks for stopping by my blog http://speakswithpencil.blogspot.com I hope you do find time to do Brenda Swensons 75 day sketch challenge….I sketch my *pic* at night, I just look around and something jumps out at me, I grab it and sketch it, don’t think too much about it, and its done in less than 15 min….everyone has 15 min right!! Hope you do it…and post. Good luck.

  2. The portraits are great – I love your use of those squiggly lines!
    And aren’t you the lucky one, to live on Portland! I am retired now but I can remember my first ever holiday as a child – we stayed in a little wooden house on Portland Bill. It was windy ,,,,

  3. Hello Margaret,
    Thank you for calling round. And thank you for your lovely comments.
    Oh yes…it can be really windy at Portland Bill but also very nice.
    Don’t know if you ever went to Church Ope (some people call it the Pirates Graveyard as at the top there is a small abbey in ruins and some graves with skull & crossbones on them) but that is a nice quite cove.

  4. Finally looked at your blog again, Stu.. a few ideas came up about what you’ve been saying eg I prefer the Not watercolour paper, smoother for pen-lines. I use Noodler’s Bulletproof ink I bought online from th US- a bottle of it’s lasting ages in a Parker Junior pen which has a bellows for filling.
    Lastly, my own parents were married for 65 years, too.. I hope you’re feeling better after your Dad’s passing. I still have my tearful moments, which sometimes come quite unexpectedly! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Hello Caroline. So sorry for the late reply, I don’t seem to be getting any notifications.
      Thank you for writing. I finally got a Lamy Safari and some Platinum Pigment ink in sepia. The ink is really quite nice and it is waterproof.
      I am so sorry to hear of your parents Caroline.

  5. Hi Stew – I envy you living on Portland. A number of years ago I spent a magical week, stone carving at Tout Quarry – the weather was great and I stayed in the Old Lighthouse. Half of the visitors were bird watchers and the others were sculptors – so the vino flowed and a great time was spent in the evenings after an exhausting and dusty day !! I love your portraits – keep drawing, keep smiling and take care ! : ) }

    1. Hello Chris. Thank you for nipping round to see my blog.
      I started drawing the other year while recovering from a bowel cancer operation. Then later after my second operation for secondary lung cancer I started painting – well, with the drawing you’ve got to have something to do while sitting those long hours having chemo.
      Anyway, I popped in to see your blog and I love your drawings – simply wonderful mate!

      1. Hello again,
        I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been dealt such a rubbish hand of cards and I hope the National Health service has sorted you out – even if the benefits office haven’t. Keep drawing and like I said before keep smiling – although with a knackered washing machine it can make one a tad grumpy ! : ) }

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